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WAKE UP AT THE OTHER END OF THE UNIVERSE is a radio show on RADIO SCORPIO. Listen live on air at frequency 106FM (Leuven, Belgium) or on line through streaming on the Radio Scorpio website every Tuesday from 10 to 11 PM. Or tune in to Trendkill Radio website every tuesday from 1 to 2 PM (EST) & wednesday from 4 to 5 PM (EST).You can also listen to all the radio shows through The Other End Mixcloud page.

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This week theme special : Fire pt2 (Heavy session)

Listen to the show of July 07, 2020
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  • Mastodon : March of the Fire Ants
  • Dozer : From Fire Hell
  • Solarized : Fire Breather
  • Witchcraft : Chyld of Fire
  • Bathsheba : Conjuration of Fire
  • Neurosis : Fire Is the End Lesson
  • Inter Arma : The Survival Fires
  • Moonchild : Hellfire
  • John Zorn : Scene 3 : And To the Brimstone, Fire
  • Heron : Fire Twin
  • Grand Magus : Baptised in Fire
  • High On Fire : Fireface
  • Telepathy : Smoke from Distant Fires
  • A Storm of Light : Laser Fire Forget

    Centrum : ForMeditation Earth : FullUponHerBurningLips Fire!Orchestra : Arrival Maatlander & SoundsOfNewSoma Monkey3 : Sphere Motorpsycho : TheCrucible Monomyth : OrbisQuadrantis Black mountain : Wilderness heart  Brant bjork : Gods & goddesses  Circle : Rautatie  Dragontears : Turn on tune in fuck off  High On fire : Snakes for the divine  Hooded Menace: Never Cross the dead  Hypnos 69 : Legacy  Kylesa : Spiral shadow Motorpsycho : Heavy metal fruit Musth : Padjelanta  My brother the wind : Twilight in the crystal cabinet  Okta logue : Ballads of a burden  Rose Kemp : golden shroud  Sardonis: s/t  Sleepy sun : Fever  Solace : AD  Ufomammut : Eve  Voice of the seven thunders : s/t  White hills : s/t  Wolf people : Steeple Astra : The weirding Baby Woodrose : Baby Woodrose  Baroness : Blue Record  Big Elf : Cheat the Gallows  Black Bonzo : Guillotine Drama  Causa Sui: Summer sessions volume 2 and 3  Church Of Misery: House of the unholy  Gargamel: Descending  Gˆtsa Berlings Saga: Detta har H‰nt  Heaven and Hell: The Devil you know  Katatonia: Night is the new day  Long distance Calling: Avoid the light  Los Natas: Nuevo Orden dela Libertad  The Mars Volta: Octahedron  Master Musicians of Bukakke: Totem one  Mastodon: Crack the skye  Minsk: With echoes in the movement of stone  Motorpsycho: Child of the future  Oresund Space Collective: Good planets are hard to find  Porcupine Tree: The Incident  Radio Moscow: Brain Cycles  Riverside: Anno Domini High definition  Shrinebuilder: Shrinebuilder  Siena Root: Diffrent realities  Sula Bassana: The Night  Wino: Puntuated Equillibrium 5ive : Hesperus Amen Ra : Mass IIII Black Mountain : In the Future Brant Bjork : Punk Rock Guilt  Circle: Hollywood Colour Haze : All Cult of Luna : Eternal Kingdom Dead Man : Euphoria Dozer : Beyond Colossal Farflung : A Wound in Eternity Grand Magus : Iron Will My Education : Bad Vibrations My Sleeping Karma : Satya Opeth : Watershed Poseidotica : La Distancia Motorpsycho : Little Lucid Moments Siena Root : Far from the Sun The Mars Volta : The Bedlam in Goliath Ufomammut : Idolum Anekdoten : A Time of Day Baby Woodrose : Chasing Rainbows Baroness : The Red Album Brant Bjork & The Bros : Somera Sol Black Bonzo : Sound of the Apocalypse Blackfield : Blackfield II Down : Over The Under High On Fire : Death Is This Communion Lento : Earthen Minsk : The Ritual Fires of Abandonment Oresund Space Collective : The Black Tomato Porcupine Tree : Fear Of A Blank Planet Riverside : Rapid Eye Movement Saturnia : Muzak Solace : The Black Black The Hidden Hand : The Resurrection of Wiskey Foote The Ocean : Precambrian Witchcraft : The Alchemist Burning Saviours : Hundus Colour Haze : Tempel Comets on fire : Avatar Hypnos 69 : The Eclectic Measure Los Natas : El Hombre De Montana Magnolia : Magnolia Monkey3 : 39 Laps Motorpsycho : Black Hole/Blank Canvas On Trial : Forever Pharaoh Overlord : 4 Place Of Skulls : The Black Is Never Far Red Sparowes : Every Red Heart Shines Toward The Red Sun Seid : Creatures of the Underworld Siena Root : Kaleidoscope The Melvins : A Senile Animal Tool : 8500 days Warpig : Warpig Witch : Witch

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    update site: July 07, 2020.