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Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe is:
Benny: DJ, sound engineer, editor
Peter: DJ, sound engineer, editor
Sara: DJ, presenter
Tom: DJ, sound engineer, editor, presenter, logo planet, xml
Jelle: logo rocket
Bart: webdesign

WAKE UP AT THE OTHER END OF THE UNIVERSE is een psychedelische luisterervaring waarin moordende gitaarrifs en stuwende baslijnen je breincelletjes in een o(o)rgastische extase zullen brengen... Tune in op de nieuwste deuntjes uit de stonerscene en kom te weten wat er allemaal gebeurt op de live podia. On air sinds 1996, in de beginjaren onder de naam “Ego, the living planet”.

WAKE UP AT THE OTHER END OF THE UNIVERSE is a psychedelic listening experience , which specialises in playing stoner, doom, seventies and riffrock music and its subgenres. Wake Up focuses on music that could be considered underground, which does not get air play on any commercial radio station broadcasting. :
'Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out' to the newest releases and obscure treasures of the last four decades..

The Wake Up radio show is hosted by Radio Scorpio (Leuven, Belgium), playing groovedelic music on 106.00 FM every Tuesday night from 9pm til 10pm.

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