Playlist 15-12-2009
  • Melon: Nowhere (Never eat On An Empty Stomach) Self Release
  • Uran: Mr. Piggy (s/t) Sulatron
  • Baroness:Tthe gnashing (Blue record) Relapse
  • Taint: Born again nihilist (Secrets and lies) Rise Above
  • Life On Earth: Listen (A Space Water Loop) Subliminal Sounds
  • The Amazing: Code 2 (s/t) Subliminal Sounds
  • Pegataur: Lord solomon's eyes (Eternal Flight) For Once
  • SoSayeth: Destroy The Stairs (The Silver Tongue) Self Release
  • Paradise 9: Points Of View (Nothing For Tomorrow) Self Release
  • Frank zappa: I'm so Cute (Sheik Yerbouti) Zappa Records

    Playlist 08-12-2009

  • Gov't Mule : Broke Down on the Brazos (By A Thread) Provogue
  • Black Merda : Prophet (Black Merda) Lilith
  • Baby Woodrose : Scorpio (Baby Woodrose) Bad Afro
  • Bubble Puppy : Beginning (Gathering of Promises) International Artists
  • Ufomammut : Stigma (Idolum) Supernatural Cat
  • Melvins/Lustmord : The Bloated Pope (Pigs of the Roman Empire) Ipecac
  • Mono : The Flames Beyond the Cold Mountain (You Are There) Temporary Residence
  • Gargamel : Trap (Descending) Transubstans
  • Gnod/White Hills : Spaced Man (Run-a-Round) (Drop Out) Drug Space

    Playlist 01-12-2009

  • Dewolff: Mountain (Strange Fruits & Undiscovered Plants) Remusic
  • The Suede Brothers: Jolly Rodger (s/t) Bad Breaker
  • Harmonium: Depuis l'automne (Si on avait besoin d'une cinquieme saison) Polygram
  • Grifter: High Unholy Mighty Rollin' (e.p.) Fury 76
  • Cosmic Android: Speed Of Light (Demo) Self Release
  • Sula Bassana: In Space (The Night) Sulatron
  • Viima: Autio Pelto (Kahden Kuun Sirpit) Viima
  • Dewolff: Silver Love Machine (Strange Fruits & Undiscovered Plants) Remusic
  • Isis: 20 minutes/ 40 years (Wavering Radiant) Conspiracy

    Playlist 24-11-2009

  • Master Musicians of Bukkake : Schism Prism/Adamantios (Totem One) Conspiracy
  • Circle : Earthworm (Hollywood) Ektro
  • Ten Years After : I'm Coming On (Watt) EMI
  • The Brew : Break Free (The Joker) Self Release
  • Them Crooked Vultures : Elephants (Them Crooked Vultures) Sony
  • Fatso Jetson : Phil The Hole (Power of Three) SST
  • Goatsnake : Easy Greasy (Flower of Disease) Rise Above
  • Mondo Generator : Dead Insects (Cocaine Rodeo) Impedance
  • The Gods : I Never Know (Genesis) Repertoire
  • Gösta Berlings Saga : Fem Trappor (Detta Har Hänt) Transubstans

    Playlist 17-11-2009

  • Paradise Lost: Faith divides Us, Death unites us (Faith divides Us, Death unites us) CenturyMedia
  • Amorphis: Shining (Tuonela) Nuclear Blast
  • Dozer: Bound for greatness (Beyond colossal) Smallstone
  • Sons of kyuss: Zero (Demo 1990) Desert fish
  • Siena Root: Jog (Different Realities) Transubstans
  • Shrinebuilder: Pyramid of the moon (s/t) Neurot
  • Melvins: Going' Blind (Houdini) Atlantic
  • Colosseum: Downhill and shadows (Daughter of time) Vertigo
  • Janis Joplin: One good man (I got dem ol' kosmic blues again mama) Columbia
  • Ahkmed: Caldera (Distance) Elektrohasch

    Playlist 10-11-2009

  • Litmus : Miles Away (Aurora) Rise Above
  • Phased : A Surreal Deal (A Sort of Spasmic Phlegm...) Elektrohasch
  • Leaf Hound : Work My Body (Growers of Mushroom) Repertoire
  • Highway Child : Love for Sale (On the Old Kings Road) Elektrohasch
  • Grails : Stoned at the Taj Again (Take Refuge in Clean Living) Temporary Residence
  • Maserati : No More Sages (Passages) Temporary Residence
  • Blue Mountain Eagle : Love Is Here (Blue Mountain Eagle) Fall Out
  • Wolfmother : Violence of the Sun (Cosmic Egg) Modular
  • Acid Mothers Temple : Eleking the Clay (Lord of the Underground:Vishnu and the Magic Elixir) Alien8

    Playlist 03-11-2009

  • Viaje A 800 : Solo (El Diablo Roto De) Alone
  • Minsk : Crescent Mirror (With Echoes In The Movement Of Stone) Relapse
  • Heaven & Hell : Rock'n Roll Angel (The Devil You Know)Roadrunner
  • Hour Of 13 : Hex Of Harm (s/t) Shadow Kingdom
  • Humble Pie : 30 Days In The Hole (Best Of) A&M
  • Mangrove : Universal Time (Endless Skies) Transubstans
  • Devin Townsend Project : Heaven Send (Ki) Inside Out
  • Circle : Usaapui (Andexeit) Ektro
  • Colour Haze : It Won't Stop (Los Sounds De Krauts)

    Playlist 27-10-2009

  • Shrinebuilder : Blind for All to See (Shrinebuilder) Neurot
  • Spirits of the Dead : Spirits of the Dead (Spirits of the Dead) White Elephant
  • Motorpsycho : Greener (Blissard) Stickman
  • Porcupine Tree : Remember Me Lover(The Incident) Roadrunner
  • Omar Rodriguez Lopez : Mundo de Ciegos (Xenophanes) Rodriguez Lopez Productions
  • Sam Gopal : Cold Embrace (Escalator) Buy or Die
  • Magnolia : De Tiden Är Förbi (Falska Vägar) Transubstans
  • The Crystal Caravan : Between the Mountain and the Spoon (The Crystal Caravan) Garageland
  • Gun : Yellow Cab Man (Gun) Repertoire
  • Shrinebuilder : The Architect (Shrinebuilder) Neurot

    Playlist 20-10-2009

  • Baroness: A horse called golgotha (Blue record) Relapse
  • Long distane calling: Black paper planes (Avoid the light) Superball music
  • The velvet underground: Oh! sweet nuthin' (Loaded) Atlantic
  • Church of misery: Badlands (House of the unholy) Rise Above
  • Grand magus: Self-deciever (Iron will) Rise above
  • Monkey 3: Jack (39 Laps)Buzzville
  • Baroness: Swollen and halo (Blue record) Relapse
  • 35007:? (Phase V) Stickman

    Playlist 13-10-2009

  • Riverside : Egoist Hedonist (Anno Domini High Definition) Inside Out
  • Big Elf : Blackball (Cheat the Gallows) Powerage
  • Blue Cheer : Out of Focus (Vincebus Eruptum) Polygram
  • Three Man Amy : Butter Queen (A Third of a Lifetime) Repertoire
  • Gösta Berlings Saga : Västerbron 05:30 (Detta Har Hänt) Transubstans
  • Ponamero Sundown : Curtain Call (Stonerized) Transubstans
  • Om : Meditation is the Practice of Death (God is Good) Drag City
  • Opeth : Porcelain Heart (Watershed) Roadrunner

    Playlist 06-10-2009

  • Baby Woodrose : Countdown to Breakdown (Baby Woodrose) Bad Afro
  • Masters of Reality : King Richard TLH (Pine/Cross Dover) Brownhouse
  • Porcupine Tree : Time Flies (The Incident) Roadrunner
  • Pentagram : When The Screams Come (First Daze Here) Relapse
  • Black Pyramid : The Warm Ouroboros (Black Pyramid) Electric Earth
  • Baby Woodrose : Fortune Teller (Baby Woodrose) Bad Afro
  • Gargamel : Descending (Descending) Transubstans
  • Man : It Is as It Must Be (2 Ozs of Plastic (With a Hole in the Middle)) Esoteric
  • Abramis Brama : Vägskäl (Smakar Söndag) Transubstans

    Playlist 29-09-2009

  • Ahkmed: Lemanja (Distance) Elektrohasch
  • Nebra: Tannhauser gate (demo) self release
  • Motorpsycho: Mr.Victim (Child Of The Future)Stickman
  • Stone Axe: Black Widow (s/t) Roadburn
  • Minsk: Almitra's Premonition (With Echoes In The Movement Of Stone) Relapse
  • Ahkmed: Saltwater (Distance) Elektrohasch
  • Riverside: panic Room (Rapid Eye Movement) Mystic
  • Beggar's opera: Passacaglia (Act one) Vertigo
  • Camel: La princesse perdue (The snow goose) Decca

    Playlist 22-09-2009

  • Siena root: Over the mountains (Different realities)Transubstans
  • Highway child: Lovin'lovin' (On the old king's road)Elektrohasch
  • Kamchatka: Astrobucks (Vol.3) Superpuma
  • Tim's favourite: Uncertainty Principle (Geometry For The Selfish Herd) selfrelease
  • Spiritus Mortis: The Rotting Trophy (The God Behind The God) Firebox
  • Revelation: Stars Almost Drown (Release) Shadow Kingdom
  • My education: Bad vibrations (Bad Vibrations) Strange attractors
  • Opeth: To rid the disease(Damnation) Music for nations
  • Genesis: The knife (Trespass) Charisma

    Playlist 15-09-2009

  • El Guapo Stuntteam: Jezebel (s/t) Self release
  • Radio Moscow: Broke down (Brain cycles) Alive naturalsound
  • Slough Feg : Ape Uprising (Ape Uprising)Cruz del Sur
  • The Tea Club : Werewolves (General Winter's secret Museum) Self release
  • Hypnos 69 : The Point Of No return (The Eclectic measure) Elektrohasch
  • Paradise 9 : Into the Ethers (Showtime) Self release
  • Emerson Lake & Palmer : A Time and A Place (Tarkus)Island
  • Long distance Calling : 359° (Avoid the light)Superball
  • Saturnia: Aqua ((Muzak) Elektrohasch

    Playlist 08-09-2009

  • Masters of Reality : Absinthe Jim and Me (Pine/Cross Dover) Brownhouse
  • Babe Ruth : Blackdog (First Base) Repertoire
  • Monkey 3 : Watchin' You (Undercover) Monkey3 Production
  • Elder: White Walls (Elder) Electric Earth
  • Motorpyscho : Whole Lotta Diana (Child of the Future) Stickman
  • The Mars Volta : Luciforms (Octahedron) Mercury
  • T2 : No More WHite Horses (It'll All Work Out in Boomland) Decca/Acme
  • Oresund Space Collective : Aquaduct of Sylvius (Inside Your Head) Sulatron

    Playlist 23-06-2009

  • Oresund Space Collective : Space Fountain (Good Planets Are Hard To Find) Transubstans
  • Litmus : Dreams Of Space (You Are Here) Spacemusic
  • Deville : Through The Blade (Hail The Black Sky) Buzzville
  • Down : Beneath The Tides (Over The Under) Roadrunner
  • New Keepers Of The Water Towers : Rise Of The Lizard King (Chronicles) Meteorcity
  • Mastodon : Quintessence (Crack The Skye) Relapse
  • Uriah Heep : Gypsy (Very 'eavy Very 'umble) Sanctuary
  • Electric Mud Generator : Winter (To The Disdain Of Polyhymnia) Total prog

    Playlist 16-06-2009

  • Sula Bassana : In Space (The Night) Sulatron
  • Heavy Water Experiments : Otherland (Heavy Water Experiments) Intrepid Sound Recordings
  • Enablers : Februaries (Tundra) Exile On Mainstream
  • Soft Machine : Hibou, Anemone and Bear (Volume 2) Big Beat
  • Astra : The Weirding (The Weirding) Rise Above
  • Karma To Burn : 28 (Live in London) DRP
  • Nebula : Elevation (Let It Burn) Relapse
  • The Power of Zeus : It Couldn't Be Me (The Gospel According to Zeus) TRC
  • Dream Theater : A Rite of Passage (Black Clouds & Silver Linings) Roadrunner

    Playlist 09-06-2009

  • Devin Townsend project: Terminal (Ki) Inside out
  • OSI: Simple life (free) Inside out
  • Rose kemp: The unholy (Unholy majesty) One little indian
  • Saturnus: Descending (Veronika decides to die) Firebox
  • Blind faith: Had to cry today (S/t) Polydor
  • Howling rain: Goodbye Ruby (Magnificent Fiend) Birdman
  • Karma to burn: Thirty nine (Almost heathen) Spitfire
  • Devin Townsend project: Disrupter (Ki) Inside out

    Playlist 02-06-2009

  • Spiritual beggars: No one heard (Demons) Inside out
  • Heaven and hell: Bible Black (The devil you know) Roadrunner
  • King Crimson: Red (Red) Atlantic
  • Hypnos 69: When fire makes you dance (Split 10") Elektrohasch
  • Omega Massif: In der mine (Geisterstadt) Radarswarm
  • Torche: Bring me home (in return) Robotic empire
  • Electric sandwich: I want you (S/t) Brain
  • Valkyrie: Apocalypse unsealed (Man of two visions) Noble origin
  • Dexter Jones circus orchestra: Pull my strings (S/t) Freebird
  • Sula bassana: Dreamer (Dreamer) elektrohasch

    Playlist 26-05-2009

  • Spice & RJ Band: Don't Turn The Shades (Shave Your Fear) Scarlet
  • Birch Hill Dam: Soul Giver (s/t) Selfrelease
  • Cactus: One Way Or Another (One Way Or Another) Atlantic 1972
  • Masters Of Reality: Alder Smoke Blues (How High The Moon) Malicious Vinyl
  • Agalloch: Bloodbirds (Ashes Against The Grain) The End
  • Amesoeurs: Recueillement (s/t) Code666
  • Hour Of 13: Missing Girl (s/t) Shadow Kingdom
  • Trouble: The Tempter (Psalm9) Escapi
  • Grails: Take refuge (Take Refuge in Clean Living) Imprec

    Playlist 19-05-2009

  • Church of misery: El padrino (Houses of the unholy) Rise above
  • Wino: Eyes of the flesh (Puntuated equilibrium) Southern lord
  • White Hills : Spirit Of Exile (G.G.A.) Self Release
  • Cuzo : Circulo De La Droga (Amor Y Muerte En La Tercera Fase) Alone
  • Radio Moscow:250 miles (Brain cycles) Alive
  • Yes: Roundabout (Fragile) Altlantic
  • Heaven and hell: Atom and evil (The devil you know) Roadrunner
  • Witchcraft : The Alchemist (The Alchemist) Rise Above
  • Wino: Wild Blue yonder(Puntuated equilibrium) Southern Lord

    Playlist 12-05-2009

  • Steven Wilson : Significant Other (Insurgentes) Kscope
  • Khoma : Stop Making Speeches (The Second Wave) Roadrunner
  • Karma To Burn : Thirty One (Wild Wonderful Purgatory) Roadrunner
  • Dozer : Two Coines For Eyes (Beyond Colossal) Small Stone
  • Frank Zappa : Apostrophe' (Apostrophe') Rykodisc
  • Pink Fairies : Do It (Never Neverland) Universal
  • Motorpsycho : Glow (Barracuda) Stickman
  • 5ive : The Hemophiliac Dream (The Hemophiliac Dream) Tortuga

    Playlist 05-05-2009

  • Wooden Shjips : For So Long (Dos) Holy Mountain
  • Crystal Antlers : Time Erased (Tentacles) Touch And Go
  • Pn : Let The Muse Respond (From What Rivers Have To Offer) Funtime
  • Mastodon : The Czar (Crack The Skye) Reprise
  • Far Out : Nihonjin (Far Out) Buy Or Die
  • Ufomammut : Braindome (Snailking) Supernatural Cat
  • Boners Inc : The Beddings (Boners Inc) Self Release
  • Truth And Janey : Ain't No Tellin (Erupts!) Vintage

    Playlist 28-04-2009

  • Farflung : Don't Forget To Breathe (25000 Feet Per Second) Flipside
  • My Sleeping Karma : Sandi (Satya) Elektrohasch
  • Numbah Ten : Beyond The End (Roadburn promo) Self release
  • Church Of Misery : Blood sucking freak (Houses of the unholy) Rise above
  • Radio Moscow: I just don't know (Brain Cycles) Alive
  • Canned Heat: Bullfrog blues (The very best of ...) EMI
  • Isis: Threshold of transformation (Wavering radiant) Conspiracy
  • Omega Massif: Unter Null (Geisterstadt) Radar Swarm
  • Grails: PTSD (Take refuge in clean living) Important

    Playlist 21-04-2009

  • White Hills : Radiate (Heads On Fire) Rocket Recordings
  • Lento : Need (Earthen) Supernatural Cat
  • - Interview Supernatural Cat
  • Morkobot : Zorgongollac (Mostro) Supernatural Cat
  • - Interview Supernatural Cat
  • Incoming Cerebral Overdrive : There (Controverso) Supernatural Cat
  • Ufomammut : Destroyer (Idolum) Supernatural Cat
  • - Interview Ufomammut
  • The Beatles : Tomorrow Never Knows (Revolver) EMI
  • Far West Zombie : Noisevil (Far West Zombie) Supernatural Cat
  • - Interview Malleus
  • Supernaturals : Down (Supernaturals Record One) Supernatural Cat

    Playlist 14-04-2009

  • Spirits of the dead: White lady/ black rave (S/t) voices of wonder
  • Ih8 Camera: Ottrau (S/t) World in sound
  • Amesoeurs: Au crépuscule de nos reves (S/t)code666
  • Switchblade:Untitled (S/t) Trust no one
  • Alquin: Mr Branum's Jr magnificent & fabulous city (The mountain queen) Polydor
  • Root: The Curse (The book) I hate
  • Trifog: Trodden 'neath cloven hoof (If I could change my ways...) Rif
  • Spirits of the dead: Spirits of the dead (S/t) Voices of wonder

    Playlist 07-04-2009

  • Grails : Origin-ing (Burning Off Impurities) Temporary Residence
  • And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead : Far Pavillons (The Century of Self) Superball Music
  • Toner Low : 1 (Toner Low II) Freebird
  • Sardonis : Nero D'abola (Ep) Electric Earth
  • Spring : Grail (Spring) Akarma
  • Elias Hulk : We Can Fly (Unchained) BGO
  • Wino : Secret Realm Devotion (Punctuated Equilibrium) Southern Lord
  • Bëiruth : C.C.C.P. (Horizonte de Sucesos) Alone

    Playlist 31-03-2009

  • Stone Axe: Black Widow (S/T) Roadburn
  • The Atomic Bitchwax: Get Your Gear (Spit Blood) Meteorcity
  • Unearthly Trance: Diseased (Electrocution) Relapse
  • Yob: Universe Throb (Elaborations Of Carbon) 12th Reords
  • Enablers: Februaries (Tundra) Exile On Mainstream
  • Camel: Slow Yourself Down (S/T) MCA
  • Candlemass: The Bells Of Acheron (Ancient Dreams) Active
  • Cathedral: Midnight Mountain (The Serpent's Gold) Earache
  • Stone Axe: The Skylah Rae (S/T) Roadburn
  • Farflung: Endless Drifting Wreck (A Wound In Eternity) Meteorcity
  • Solenoid: Grandahead (S/T) Buzzville

    Playlist 24-03-2009

  • Mastodon : Oblivion (Crack The Skye) Reprise
  • Earth : The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull (The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull) Southern Lord
  • Oresund Space Collective : Space Fountain (Good Planets Are Hard To Find) Transubstans
  • Omar Rodriguez Lopez : The Power of Myth (Old Money) Stones Throw
  • Czar : Tread Softly On my Dreams (Czar) Sunbeam
  • Embryo : Call (Steig Aus) Universal
  • Mastodon : Crack The Skye (Crack The Skye) Reprise

    Playlist 17-03-2009

  • Bob Log III : Wag Your Tail Like A Dog In The Back Of A Truck (Log Bomb) Fat Possum
  • Vic Du Monte's Persona Non Grata : Sweet Sixteen (Vic Du Monte's Persona Non Grata) Cobraside
  • Conifer : Song For Krom (Crown Fire) Important
  • Solace : Whistle Pig (Further) Meteorcity
  • Hypnos 69: A Castle In The Sky (The Intrigue Of Perception) Elektrohasch
  • Rip KC: It Was Fun Until The Crash (Spinguölf) Alone
  • The Pretty Things : Cries From The Midnight Circus (Parachute) Snapper
  • Thin Lizzy : Sha La La (Nightlife) Vertigo
  • Aereogramme : The Unravelling (Seclusion) Chemikal Underground

    Playlist 10-03-2009

  • Steven Wilson : No Twilight Within the Courts of the Sun (Insurgentes) Kscope
  • Howlin Rain : Indians, Whores and Spanish Men of God (Howlin Rain) Birdman
  • The Setting Son : Soulmate (Spring of Hate) Bad Afro
  • Crystal Antlers : Parting Song for the Torn Sky (EP) Touch and Go
  • Wino : Silver Lining (Punctuated Equilibrium) Southern Lord
  • Lucky Funeral : Switch Off (Promo 2009)
  • Agitation Free : Laila (Live '74 - At the Cliffs of River Rhine) SPV
  • Steven Wilson : Harmony Korine (Insurgentes) Kscope
  • Tomorrow : Why (Bonus Track) (Tommorow) EMI
  • The Ocean : Fluxion (Fluxion) Throne

    Playlist 03-03-2009

  • Year Long Disaster: Per Qualche Dollaro In Piu (E.P.) Volcom
  • Gentleman's Pistols: Just A Fraction (Gentleman's Pistols) Rise Above
  • Pelican: Dead Between The Walls (City Of Echoes) HHR
  • Capricorns:Queen Of Bruises(Capricorns) Rise Above
  • Motorpsycho & Jaga Jazzist Horns: Doffen Ah Um(In The Fishtank) Konkurrent
  • Luv Machine: Witches Wand (Turns You On) Rise Above Relics
  • The Allman Brothers: Midnight Rider (Classic) Universal
  • Dexter's Jones Circus Orchestra: Infected Ground (DJCO) Freebird
  • Fen : The Warren (The Malediction Field) SPV
  • Baroness : The Birthing (Red Album) Relapse
  • Harvey Milk : Shame (The Pleaser) Relapse
  • Conifer : Cruciform Empannage (Crown Fire) Self Release

    Playlist 24-02-2009

  • Black Bonzo : Yesterdays Friends (Sound of the Apocalyps) The Laser's Edge
  • Jack Dupon : Oppression (L'échelle du Désir) Gazul
  • Samsara Blues Experiment : Singata (Demo) Self Release
  • Incredible Hog : Tadpole (V/A : A Visit to the Spaceship Factory) Psychic Circle
  • Karma To Burn : 5 (Almost Heathen) Spitfire
  • Grand Massive : Monster (Grand Massive) Daredevil
  • Camel : Lady Fantasy (Mirage) Universal
  • Eagles Of Death Metal : Cheap Thrills (Heart On) Downtown
  • Blood Ceremony : Return To Forever (Blood Ceremony) Rise Above

    Playlist 17-02-2009

  • Wino : release Me (Punctuated Equilibrium) Southern Lord
  • Valkyrie : Man of 2 Visions (Man of 2 Visions) Noble Origin
  • Oceana Company : Silent (For The Boatman) Spacejam
  • Maserati : Synchronicity IV (Inventions For The New Season) Golden Antenna
  • Still Life : October Witches (Still Life) Vertigo
  • Hypnos 69 : Dragondance (Promise Of A New moon) RockNRollRadio
  • Wino : Smiling Road (Punctuated equilibrium) Southern Lord
  • The Bronze : Chromoly (The Bronze) selfrelease
  • Agalloch : Hallways Of Enchanted Ebony (Pale Folklore) The End

    Playlist 10-02-2009

  • Earthlings? : Unicorn (Humalien) Treasure Craft
  • Diagonal : Cannon Misfire (Diagonal) Rise Above
  • Gunslinger : Shellshocked (Earthquake in E Minor) Buzzville
  • Hackman : Tragedian (Enterprises) Small Stone
  • Frumpy : Take Care of Illusion (Frumpy 2) SPV
  • Poobah : Mr Destroyer (Let Me In) Red Fox
  • Daturah : Ghost Track (Reverie) Graveface
  • Spirit Caravan : C, Yourself (Dreamwheel) Meteor City
  • Totimoshi : Oblivian (Mysterioso?) Berserker
  • Instant Flight : Play for a Fool (Endless Journey) Clear Spot

    Playlist 03-02-2009

  • Dewolff: The thrills that come along... (Fishing night at noon E.P.) Remusic
  • Black Sun Ensemble: Parfedia's nest (Bolt of apollo) Slowburn
  • Masters of Luxury: 14 (Robot love songs E.P.) All Hail
  • Pale divine: Pale dive (Thunder Perfect Mind) Psychedoomelic
  • Josefus: B.S. creek (Josefus plus) Akarma
  • Caravan: Golf girl (In the land of grey and pink) Decca
  • Serpent cult: Serpent cult (Weight of light) Rise Above
  • Omar Rodriguez Lopez Quintet: Coma pony (The apocalypse inside of an orange) War
  • Orient Express: First dawn (Illusion) My kingdom
  • Conifer: Surface fire (Crown fire) Important

    Playlist 27-01-2009

  • Serpentina Satelite : Nothing To Say (Nothing To Say) Trip in Time
  • White Hills : Radiate (Heads on Fire) Rocket Recordings
  • Earth : Engine of Ruin (The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull)Southern Lord
  • Rose Kemp : Dirty Glow (Unholy Majesty) One Little Indian
  • Diagonal : Semi-Permeable Men-Brain (Diagonal) Rise Above
  • Queens of the Stone Age : 18 A.D. (Burn One Up Comp) Roadrunner
  • Black Sabbath : Into the Void (Master of Reality) Warner
  • Kiss : 100.000 Years (Kiss) Mercury
  • Zaphire Oktalogue : Carrion Fly (You're Adorable) (Zaphire Oktalogue) Nasoni

    Playlist 20-01-2009

  • Grails : Predestination Blues (Doomsdayer's Holiday) Temporary Residence
  • Cuzo : Escalera Roja (Amor y muerte en la Tercera Fase) Alone
  • Dragontears : Sunrise (Tambourine Freak Machine) Bad Afro
  • Oresund Space Collective : Substantia Nigra (Inside Your Head) Sulatron
  • Grails : Reincarnation Blues (Doomsdayers's Holiday) Temporary residence
  • Billy Cobham : Stratus (Spectrum) Atlantic
  • Husky : Red Right Returning (The Sea King) self release
  • James Gang : The Bomber (Rides Again) MCA

    Playlist 13-01-2009 (Favourites for 2008 pt2)

  • Dozer: Grand inquisitor (Beyond colossal) Smallstone
  • Circle: Sacrifice (Hollywood) Ektro
  • Ufomammut: Stardog (Idolum) supernatural cat
  • Cult of Luna: Following betalus (Eternal Kingdom) Earache
  • My Education: Arch (Bad Vibrations) Strange Attractors
  • Poseidotica: Sueno narcotica (La distancia) aqualatan
  • Black Mountain: Wucan (In the future) Jagjaguwar
  • Siena Root: Almost there (Far from the sun) Transubstans
  • Opeth: The lotus eater (Watershed) Roadrunner

    Playlist 06-01-2009 (Favourites for 2008 pt1)

  • Dead Man : High or Low (Euphoria) Crusher
  • Brant Bjork : This Place, Just Ain't Our Place (Punk Rock Guilt) Low Desert Punk
  • 5ive : Polar 78 (Hesperus) Tortuga
  • Amen Ra : Le Gardien des Reves (Mass IIII) Hypertension
  • My Sleeping Karma : Ahimsa (Satya) Elektrohasch
  • Farflung : Unborn Planet (A Wound in Eternity) Meteorcity
  • Colour Haze : If (All) Elektrohasch
  • The Mars Volta : Ouroborous (The Bedlam in Goliath) Universal
  • Grand Magus : Iron Will (Iron Will) Rise Above
  • Motorpsycho : Suite - Little Lucid Moments pt III/IV (Little Lucid Moments) Stickman

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